The Power of the Ginseng Berry!
American Ginseng Berry Juice

100% Pure - The Purest form of the Ginseng Berry you will ever experience!

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Suggested Adult Dose:

1 teaspoon taken daily, mixed with water
or as a tea sweetened with honey.

Please Note:
Refrigerate after opening to prevent spoiling.


100% Pure
American Ginseng Berry Concentrate

Available in quarter and half pint sizes:

4oz – $24.95
8oz – $49.95

 For every two jars (same size) of American Ginseng Berry Concentrate ordered, one additional Jar (same size) will be provided Absolutely Free!!

(Note: Free jars do not appear on the PayPal form, but will be included with the order.)

4oz jar of American Ginseng Berry Concentrate:

8oz jar of American Ginseng Berry Concentrate:

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100% Pure American Ginseng Berry Juice is a Concentrate to be mixed with water! 

 "The purest form of the ginseng berry you can possibly experience."


*Ginseng Berry eyed as an anti-diabetic dietary supplement.

9.20.07 - An extract from American ginseng berry may reduce blood sugar levels by 30% and aid weight loss, reports a new study from the University of Chicago using diabetic mice.

*NUTRA | Europe


* American Ginseng Berry Reduces Blood Glucose and Body Weight in obese Mice.



*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.  CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN!! 
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